Aurora Forecast

This is a short-term forecast of the Aurora location. This product is based on the Shubin`s model and provides forecast of the Aurora location to several hours. The forecast lead time is the time it takes for the solar wind to travel from the L1 observation point to Earth. The four maps show the North Earth`s pole. The Aurora location is typically shown as a oval centered on Earth’s magnetic pole. The sunlit Earth`s side is indicated by the lighter blue of the ocean and the lighter color of the continents. Aurora can often be observed somewhere on Earth from just after sunset or just before sunrise. The aurora is not visible during daylight hours. The aurora does not need to be directly overhead but can be observed from as much as a 1000 km away when the aurora is bright and if conditions are right.

The aurora is an indicator of the current geomagnetic storm conditions and provides situational awareness for a number of technologies. The aurora directly impacts HF radio communication and GPS/GNSS satellite navigation. It is closely related to the ground induce currents that impact electric power transition.

For many people, the aurora is a beautiful nighttime phenomenon that is worth traveling to arctic regions just to observe. It is the only way for most people to actually experience space weather.