Multiscal Auroral Image Network

Journal of observations and modifications

Winter 2011-2012

09/12/2011, 18:00 - power appears in Apatity range, Guppy-2 starts.

06/12/2011 - interruption of power line to Apatity range. No observations by allsky and Guppy-2.

27/10/2011 - 04/11/2011 - interruption of power line to Apatity range. No observations by all-sky and Guppy-2.

28/09/2011 - Guppy-2: Installed in Apatity range, observation starts.

Schema of observations for winter 2011-2012
schema for season 2010-2011

Winter 2010-2011

allsky 2010/12/28guppy-2 2010/12/28
28/12/2010: Two auroral cameras were replaced from main building of Apatity division of Polar Geophysical Institute to Apatity stratospheric range. One of them is all-sky camera prepared for outdoor operation, and another is the b/w Guppy-044B NIR camera with 25mm lens on pan-tilt mount. Both cameras were tested before this date at the position of PGI building.

17/11/2010, 19:30 UT - Guppy-2: Rotated to 116o20'East, 37o from horizon.

15/11/2010, day - Guppy-2: Rotated, then directed to ~117oEast, 31o from horizon. GPS logger plot installed.

13/11/2010 - Guppy-2: New version of software for sinhro module.

29/10/2010 - Guppy-2: Installed in office, directed to East, ~29 deg from horizon.

28/10/2010 - Guppy-2: Experiments with sinhronization module. Installed in office, directed to South.

Winter 2009-2010

20/04/2010 - Observation season closed.

15/03/2010 - Guppy-2 installed at Apatity range, main building. Directed upward to region of magnetic zenith.

04/12/2009 - Guppy-2: Observation interrupted to clean the glass.

02/12/2009 - Guppy-2:Istalled PHP scripts to preview the observation archive.

30/10/2009 - Guppy-2: 18:00-24:00 - aurora observed.

17/11/2009 - Guppy-2: Installed at PGI building. Field of view ~15 degrees in north direction.

Winter 2008-2009

01/04/2009 - Observations by Guppy-1 and all-sky camera were closed.

19/01/2009 - First simultaneous observation with analog all-sky camera at the Apatity range.

19/01/2009 - Istalled PHP scripts to preview an archive of observations.

18/01/2009 - Analog TV camera with fish-eye lens was installed in Apatity stratospheric range: 1-s frame integration, Linux-based data storage system.

17/11/2008 - Auroral camera Guppy-1 with field of view ~60 degrees was installed at the main building of Apatity division of Polar Geophysical Institute:
- b/w camera AVT GUPPY-044B NIR (given by Torsten Aslaksen for testing),
- Fujinion DF6HA-1B, 1:1.2/6mm lens, field of view is 60 degrees,
- dome with heater,
- directed to magnetic zenith, 
- operated during dark time,
- Linux-operated data storage system,
- 1 frame per second,
- GPS-based computer time synchronization.

camera Guppy-1 in box, 2008

25/11/2008 - field of view of Guppy-1 camera, according to observed stars:

fov Guppy 1 Apatity 2008