KOLARCTIC Project of Auroral Cameras



On March 1, 2021, implementation of the international project "Aurora Borealis monitoring system for tourism business needs" begins. The project is supported by the Kolarctic Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020. The Lead partner is Polar Geophysical Institute (Murmansk, Russia); the partners from the Murmansk region areEducation, Innovation, Scientific and Research Union "Socium+" and Pasvik State Reserve; from Finland - Metsähallitus, Lapin Luontopalvelut (Rovaniemi); from Norway -Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (Svanvik).

The goal of the project is to provide tourism in the Arctic region with scientific resources for its development, to improve the quality and safety of the tourist industry entrepreneurs by making the Aurora Borealis more accessible to tourists and tourist businesses.

Within the framework of the project, patrol auroral cameras will be permanently installed on the territories of the Pasvik Reserve (Murmansk Region, Russia), the Finnish National Park (Inari, Finland) and the Svanhovd Ecological Center (Svanvik, Norway), which will make it possible to observe such natural phenomena of the North, as Aurora, air glow and pearl cloudsall the year round in all weather conditions. Moreover, live broadcasts from the installed cameras will be available on the Internet for all project participantsand everyone, interested in observing the natural phenomena of the North in different parts of the Barents region.

In addition, training for specialists in charge of working with the installed cameraswill be organized within the project as well as promotion of technical resources among thelocal tourist industry entrepreneurs and educational excursions for pupils and tourists.